Self-Publishing Possibilities Are Fascinating!
It is a True Revolution In The Printing Industry

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Self-publishing is not only a wonderful tool for authors who want to publish their books, but it also allows businesses to publish professional and very affordable documents.

You can use print-on-demand services to produce elegant printed business documents. Whether you want to produce catalogs for your clients, annual reports for your shareholers or user manuals, you can use print-on-demand services without having to print large quantities that will end up being recycled. Self-publishing is inexpensive and prevents wasting paper.

And authors who want to publish their own books without spending a fortune are well served with this option.

I have been writing children stories since I was a kid and self-publishing has been a revelation for me. Needless to say that my children's books were rejected by publishers from early on.

Later on, two of my books were accepted by US publishers, but royalties were very disappointing. My first book is still sold at a very high price (over $100), but the publisher charged me all their marketing fees, resulting in me owing them money for having written my book and given them my copyrights. In other words, writing a book for them and giving them my copyright actually cost me money. In the second case, I did get meager royalties but the publisher closed its doors 2 years later.

This is why I now self-publish all of my books. My books are always avaiable, i.e. never out of print and I have full control over their availability, for much higher royalties.

It is now possible for us to publish our printed and digital books ourselves without spending a dime, and make them available on Amazon and to all the online book distributors, as well as in bookstores worldwide. The books become available in the 48 to 72 hours following our approval of the final version. Printed books are available with the on-demand printing service from CreateSpace, a member of the Amazon group.

A printed copy of a 300-page, black and white interior and full-color cover costs the author less than $5. The digital version of the book can also be produced without any cost to you and be sold worldwide. You can make your book available for Kindles and iPads, for computers and various tablets and be paid your royalties monthly. You can even offer a special Kindle price to readers who buy your printed book from Amazon.

Take Advantage of this Publishing Revolution!

Here are some examples of books that I have self-published in English (I have several other books in French). They're all available in printed and digital format and are sold worldwide.

How to Start Your Own Business
As a Teenager

Book Cover - How to start your own business as a teenager

A Mysterious and Magic Christmas
Storybook for children

Book cover - A mysterious and magic Christmas storybook

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A Mysterious and Magic Christmas
Coloring Book

Book Cover A mysterious and magic Christmas - Coloring book

I am an Ethical Author

I'm an Ethical Author